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Work from home(full training given) using phone and laptop or desktop computer need to have unlimited calls packages or you may use Skype which would cost Under £2.40 a month for calls to all UK landline numbers done at your own expense as you would spend a lot of time on the phone . As you would be working from home providing you live in the UK you would be considered. Would suit stay at home parent single/married/retired/disabled.


The role is to contact holiday property owners and inform them about our packages and gain permission to send an email which explains costs and benefits you need to be 21+ very trustworthy tenacious need to be clear speaking when on phone.You would arrange to call them back in a couple of days to answer any questions. Experience preferred but more important is determination to succeed. The role is not hard it is not easy it is work!
As this is commission only You need to be a self starter and self confident and live in the UK please fill in the short form below.  Please put in a time an date when I may call whilst your in front of your computer.


Work from home B2B sales agent using phone and computer!

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Open up a brand new future no experience needed!