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We are aware, promoting your holiday property has to be cost effective as the industry has become very competitive. And you need to be sure that every penny spent on promotion is money well spent. Social network sites are definitely the way everything is going a lot of the big promoters in the industry are on the main sites and they probably pay people (on a shift basis) to sit there 24hrs a day creating posts answering others.

A percentage of what fee/commission they charge goes to the team devoted to this function and it does work and produces a lot of enquiries.

I think we are all aware that if they are on commission they tend to promote the properties that charge the most per person because the more commission they get. If they work on an upfront fee they tend to promote by the area that is to say properties in Cornwall, Devon gets promoted more than properties Yorkshire, Derbyshire purely because they will fill properties in Cornwall, Devon quicker than Yorkshire, Derbyshire.

So what way will I operate?

It is my intention to use the major social networking sites Twitter, Facebook & Google, but also a lot of smaller social network sites, of which there are many who between them have a better following than the big 3.

I am intending to invite on to this site the holiday homes for disabled and critically ill as these will be non profit making businesses they would be on my site completely free.

If you would like to join my site Send email with a link to your website even if you are only on other sites like mine let me know the number of properties you would like listed on my site give me a good time to call you and the best number to reach you on.

Your time only starts the day after you have approved your listing on this site.
If you choose to join and wish to stop I need 14 days notice is required but no refund will be due.

For ALL owners I ask you to email me with a link to your own website and a contact number and a preferred day and time when I should call allow 48hrs from sending message to owners@joes-shop.co.uk


Looking forward to doing business with you soon